Degrees and Programs

List of Majors

Program Name Special B.A. Master's
Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) Program - Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)    
Anthropology   B.A. in Anthropology  
Applied Cultural Anthropology Certificate - Applied Cultural Anthropology    
Archaeology Certificate - Archaeology   M.A. in Archaeology
Biopsychology (Neuroscience) B.A. in Biopsychology (Neuroscience)  
Child Development Psychology   M.A. in Child Development
Clinical/Counseling Psychology   M.S. Clinical/Counseling Program
Criminal Justice B.A. in Criminal Justice M.A. in Criminal Justice
Economics   B.A. in Economics  
Environmental Studies   B.A. in Environmental Studies
Ethnic Studies Program - Ethnic Studies    
Geographic Information Systems Certificate - Geographic Information Systems    
General Experimental Psychology   M.A. General/Experimental Program
Geography   B.A. in Geography  
Gerontology Certificate - Gerontology    
History   B.A. in History  
Human Development B.A. in Human Development  
Industrial/Organizational Psychology   M.S. Industrial/Organizational Program
International Relations Certificate - International Relations    
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Program - Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies & Certificate - Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies    
Latin American Studies Certificate - Latin American Studies    
Military Science (Army ROTC) Program - Military Science (Army ROTC)    
Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program - Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC)    
Model United Nations and Model Arab League Program - Model United Nations and Model Arab League    
Museum Studies Certificate - Museum Studies    
National Security Studies   M.A. in National Security Studies
Pathway Distance Education Program - Pathway Distance Education
Political Science   B.A. in Political Science  
Psychology   B.A. in Psychology M.A. in Psychology
Social Sciences   B.A. in Social Sciences M.A. in Social Sciences
Social Services Certificate - Social Services    
Social Work   B.A. in Social Work M.A. in Social Work
Sociology   B.A. in Sociology  
Urban Planning Certificate - Urban Planning