Application Process

Applications for the Fall 2017 term will be accepted on September 6th and 7th 2017, with application day split into two phases. Phase one will require prospective applicants to be in the courtyard in front of Faculty Office building Room 144 by 9:00 am on September 6th in conservative athletic gear with all required documentation (listed below) and ready to take the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment. Phase two will be on September 7th and will require applicants to bring in a laptop (running adobe to read and edit the packet) along with a thumb drive that contains the emailed application packet. Please meet at Faculty Office building Room 144 at 9:00 am. If you are interested in applying, please send me an email at the email address below and attend a "Prospective Applicant Briefing" held on the final Tuesday of most months here on Campus in Faculty Office building Room 113.

More information regarding the briefing can be found by visiting Program Orientation Briefs.

If you are unable to attend one of the briefings or would like to confirm attendance to an upcoming briefing, please email 1st Lt Heineken:


All applicants will be required to take and pass the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) on the day they submit their application.

Applicants will be required to bring the following items with them when they apply (BRING COPIES OF EVERY DOCUMENT YOU BRING):

  1. Photo Identification (driver’s license or government ID is preferred)*
  2. Original & Copy of Signed Social Security Card (must be signed & must have original or will not be accepted)*
  3. Original & Copy of Birth Certificate or true copy with a raised seal*
  4. Original & Copy of Naturalized Citizen Certificate or proof of in-process of naturalization*
  5. High School or College Transcripts (unofficial copies are acceptable)*
  6. Completed AFROTC Form 28 (Legibly filled out & signed by physician/athletic trainer/school nurse)*
  7. Air Force Form 35 (hard copy/legibly filled out but not signed nor dated)*
  8. Air Force Form 2030 (hard copy/legibly filled out but not signed nor dated)*
  9. DD Form 785 (if attended a prior commissioning program)*
  10. Selective Service Number Printout (males only)* -Visit website in order to register and/or print your number
  11. SAT and/or ACT testing scores (if available)
  12. Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Certificate (if applicable)
  13. Department of Defense Form 214 (prior service only, bring copy #4)
  14. Copy of Immunization Records*
  15. Laptop (running adobe to read and edit the PDF) 
  16. Thumb drive or portable, removable media storage


Applicants not possessing all of the above items will be turned away and told to return when they have all the required documentation. Please ensure that you make a copy of each document and bring in both the copy and the original.

Should you have any questions about the application form or application process, please call us at (909) 537-5440.