Previous Exhibitions

small as a GIANT
A statewide photography project and exhibition to expose, end, and rectify California's long-term prison sentencing of children. The CSUSB Anthropology Museum was the first venue for this traveling exhibition on its statewide tour. Guest curated by Ise Lyfe (2019)

Student Showcase
Exhibits by student curators, featuring objects from the Anthropology Museum collection (2019).
Daniel Zepeda, "Beyond SUbsistence" and "Metalworking in Nepal"
Matthew Lowry, "What Does it Mean to be Authentic"
Alcira Mendoza, "Formed by the Hands of the Southwest"

In light of recent events, including historic achievements in the advance of civil liberties, coupled with reminders that inequalities and injustices persist, In|Dignity brings our community together to share personal stories of hurt, frustration, revelation, and hope. Co-curated by Dr. Arianna Huhn and Dr. Annika Anderson (2018).

Through a partnership with the San Bernardino County Superintendent Of Schools, In|Dignity has been developed into a mobile exhibition that travels to area high schools. For more information, to make a reservation, and for curriculum resources, visit our mobile exhibit website

Crafting Lives in the Americas
In this exhibition, we explore material products of women’s crafting from the American Southwest and Mesoamerica, focusing on clay figurines, clay pottery, and woven textiles. Guest curated by Dr. Guy David Hepp (lead curator), Ana Yesenia Mendoza Sanchez, Dr. Russell Barber, and Dr. Frannie Berdan (2017).

Re|Collect: Memories of Childhood
Telling stories about our lives is a formative act. Through storytelling we not only share information about ourselves, but we fashion our identity.  Please visit our Re|Collect Gallery, Junior Curators, and Media Coverage for more information regarding this exhibit. Curated by Dr. Arianna Huhn (2016).

Silver and Silk: Diversity and Resilience among China’s Ethnic Minorities
A celebration of the joy, resilience, and diversity of China’s ethnic minority populations through images, dress, and daily life items. Guest curated by William Pink (2015).

Voodoo: Ritual + Healing
An exploration of Afro-Caribbean religions and their ritual objects. Guest curated by D. Paul Sweeney (2014).

Abundant Harvest
The traditional material culture of Native American tribes in interior Southern California. Guest curated by Dr. Thomas Long (2013).

The history and archaeology of beads around the world, including technology, economics, and social context. Curated by Dr. Russell Barber (2012).

Steps Through Time
An Exploration of the Development of the Modern Human Anatomy. Guest Curated by Dr. Wesley Niewoehner (2011).

Enduring Change
An exhibit of some of the Southwestern items in the Ellins collection. Co-Curated by Dr. Russell Barber and Perry Kroh (2010).

The Ottoman Worldview 
An exhibit of rare Ottoman maps from Turkey. Guest Curated by staff of Bahcesehir University, Istanbul (2009).

An exhibit exploring diverse aspects of handwriting, ranging from origins to various systems to handwriting forensics. Curated by Dr. Russell Barber (2008).

Celebrations of Death 
A review of mortuary practices and rituals around the world. Curated by Dr. Russell Barber (2005).

Before Cal State 
A twelve-thousand-year treatment of the human use of the locale where CSUSB is now located. Curated by Dr. Russell Barber (2002).