In|Dignity Exhibition

Dr. Arianna Huhn and Dr. Annika Anderson received $15,000 from the California Humanities, a non-profit partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities, to support the CSUSB Anthropology Museum’s upcoming exhibition, “In|Dignity.”

“In|Dignity ” is a double entendre simultaneously reading as a single word – “indignity” – and two separate words – “in dignity.” These two meanings capture precisely what the exhibition explores: experiences with oppression, discrimination, and prejudice, and simultaneously the pride and self-respect that we must have for ourselves and for others facing such injustices. The collaboration is based on a series of interviews conducted with San Bernardino and Riverside County residents.

The stories include personal experiences with ableism, androcentrism, cisgenderism, racism, heterosexism, educationalism, ageism, Islamophobia, classism, colorism, size-ism, pro-natalism, and other axes of life outside of the societal “norm.” The stories make clear both the persistence of inequalities and biased normative standards in our communities – often in subtle and unintentional ways -- and their impacts on individual lives.

Each community participant’s story is presented in the museum using words, sound, and imagery. Each participant’s picture is also displayed, photographed by a CSUSB faculty member (Thomas McGovern) using techniques aimed at deepening emotional connections between the audience and portrait subjects.

Dr. Huhn and Dr. Anderson hope that audiences of the exhibition will emerge from In|Dignity with more empathy and insight for disadvantaged “others,” and a pledge for making a difference in the community through open-mindedness and civic participation. In|Dignity will open in January 2018.