Outstanding Faculty & Staff Awards

Dr. Janine Kremling, Criminal Justice

Outstanding Instructionally-Related Activities

Since joining CSUSB in 2008, Dr. Kremling has actively explored and adopted new evidence-based teaching techniques, such as problem-based learning, flipping the classroom, and adaptive learning in virtual labs. Many of these techniques were due to her exposure to the Quality Matters training as well as the opportunity to participate in course redesign programs sponsored by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. A large part of Dr. Kremling’s focus has been on online classes. In 2012, in cooperation with the Center for Extended Learning, Dr. Kremling initiated the Criminal Justice BA Online Degree Completion Program; in 2017 this program was ranked 11th in the country. In 2015, she became a certified Quality Matters reviewer. Since this time, she has provided guidance to faculty in developing online courses that comply with the Quality Matters standards. Dr. Kremling has also been involved in research that focuses on student learning. This experience and research culminated in her book, along with Anton Tolman and several students, titled Why students resist learning: A practical model for understanding and helping students. Dr. Kremling was invited to be a keynote speaker at the 20th CSU Symposium on University Teaching held at Cal Poly Pomona this April. As noted in a nomination letter, Dr. Kremling “clearly goes above and beyond in trying to help our students learn.”

Dr. Jason Reimer, Psychology

Outstanding Research, Scholarly or Creative Contribution

Over his 16 year career at CSUSB, Dr. Reimer has been consistently active in scholarship that has been recognized for its high quality and impact. Dr. Reimer has a multi-faceted research program that spans multiple fields – especially cognitive development, cognitive psychology, and cognitive neuroscience. He has published 18 papers in various professional journals. He has published in such prestigious forums as the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, the British Journal of Developmental Psychology, and the American Journal of Psychology. Dr. Reimer has presented 40 papers at professional regional and national conferences. Many of his published papers feature student authors and almost all of his conference presentations feature students authors. He has been active in the area of grants and external funding. He has been a co-principle investigator on two NIH grants. In 2013, Dr. Reimer was named co-director of the CSUSB Learning Research Institute (LRI). Dr. Reimer works with faculty and students at CSUSB and UC Riverside to develop and implement cognitive training activities with college students. He is the Review Editor for Frontiers in Psychology. Dr. Reimer has been exceptionally active in research and scholarly pursuits which have led to numerous presentations, grant related activities, publications in prestigious journals, and recognition by his scientific peers both within and outside the university.

Dr. Michael Lewin, Psychology

Outstanding Service to the College

During his 22 year career at CSUSB, Dr. Michael Lewin has made extraordinary service contributions. As a Professor in the Department of Psychology, Dr. Michael Lewin’s areas of service have included university, college and departmental level activities. At the university level, he has represented the college on the Graduate Council. He served as the graduate council representative on the search committee for the Faculty Director of Graduate Studies position. In the college, he has served as the chair of the College Evaluation Committee for the past three years. His department level service includes Director of the Master’s Clinical/Counseling Psychology program, chair of the graduate program committee, co-chair of the Department of Psychology subcommittee of the institutional review board, and member of the department hiring committee. Recently, Dr. Lewin gave a presentation for junior faculty about FAR/RPT mentorship. As noted by one of his colleagues, “Dr. Lewin is an integral member of the Psychology Department. He is the type of colleague who is always willing to extend himself to both other faculty and students.” He has actively sought out opportunities to mentor junior faculty to ensure faculty feel well-supported and are well-informed on how to navigate university business. He also provides essential advising for students interested in careers in clinical psychology.

Dr. Kate Liszka, History

Outstanding Junior Faculty

As an Assistant Professor in the History Department, Dr. Liszka excels in all three categories of teaching, professional growth, and service. Since her appointment in 2015, she has developed eight new courses. As an Egyptologist, her courses span across disciplines and she is able to integrate multiple disciplinary lenses that appeal to a broad group of students. She has inspired students to study Egyptology and there has been a discussion among students of starting an Egyptology Club. Dr. Liszka’s research about changing notions of Nubian identity and ethnography in Egypt offers much to the historical, anthropological, and Egyptologist fields. Since arriving at CSUSB, she has published five peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections and Journal of Egyptian History. She has also completed five additional publications in Archaeology bulletins and encyclopedias. She has a contract for her book manuscript From pastoral nomads to policemen: The evolution and role of the Medjay in Ancient Egypt and Nubia, c. 2300 to 250 BCE. She also has continued work on her own archeological site at Wade el-Hudi. She has conducted extensive excavations in recent years due to the fact that the Egyptian government is planning to bulldoze the site, and has presented widely on her findings. Because of Dr. Liszka’s unique positon on campus as the sole Egyptologist, the demand for her time is exceptional. She is on the board of the American Research Center in Egypt (Orange County chapter), has been invited to speak at the Los Angeles Egyptology group, is on the board of the RAFFMA, and is a key member of the Mediterranean Studies Interdisciplinary Faculty Interest Group.

Donna Derbish, Department of Criminal Justice

Outstanding Staff Award

During the last three years, Ms. Donna Derbish has been the administrative assistant for the Department of Criminal Justice. Donna has done an exemplary job for the department. She ensures that reports are accurate and submitted on time; she works well with students, faculty, as well as other departments. She is often a resource for other staff persons in the college. Donna is an outstanding problem solver; she is able to help faculty and students with any problems. In terms of faculty, the department has had a number of relatively new faculty members. Donna assists them with numerous tasks such as access to Blackboard. In reference to maintaining positive relations with fellow staff, faculty, administrators, and students, Donna is considered to be a friendly and supportive person. Everyone feels comfortable when asking questions, asking for assistance, and just talking with her. She is approachable as well as being helpful. As noted in her nomination, “I count on her every day to assist with contacting students, and others in the University, for information or to arrange meetings. She assists students with problems and coordinates their meetings with advisors. She is willing to work with staff regarding any assignment. I cannot imagine that any other staff member would go further to assist people than Donna.”