What classes should I take this quarter?  How do I ensure I am on track to graduate?

Your first stop for all course related questions should be the Mentor Advising Center (MAC)

MAC offers academic advising to undergraduate Social & Behavioral Science students in the following majors: Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Political Science, Social Sciences, and Sociology. It is located in faculty Office Building in room FO-145. Trained Mentor Advisors are prepared to help you select classes, plan a quarter schedule, and propose a long term Education Plan tailored to meet your needs.

You can reach the MAC at 909.537.5518 or by email at

More information about the advising center is available here:


Quarter to Semester (Q2S) Transition

As you know, CSUSB will be transitioning to the semester system in 2020. Do you want to know how to plan for the transition to the semesters? How will this transition affect your graduation plan? What can you do properly prepare?

The Mentor Advising Center (MAC) will provide support with the transition.  In addition, however, the history department will be holding a series of workshops to guide students with the transition.  More information about these workshops will be available here.