"Relevancy and History" Project at Citrus State Historic Park

(View of the groves at Citrus State Historic Park, Riverside, California)

CSUSB students, under the direction of Professor Cherstin Lyon and in collaboration with students at UCR and the project lead, UCR Professor Cathy Gudis, have conducted research to develop a new interpretive plan and a series of outdoor exhibits that will incorporate more stories of immigrant and migrant laborers into the landscape at the Citrus State Historic Park in Riverside. This project will serve as a model for the statewide California State Parks' "Relevancy and History" project. California Citrus State Historic Park, the community partner for this project, serves as a pilot location for the “Relevancy and History” project, which aims to create a model for re-interpreting and re-invigorating State Parks Interpretation and Education Program. The State Parks are seeking new ways to better serve the public and to integrate students in the process. Student involvement is in keeping with the educational mission of the project and the park at large.