Online Distance Education

Our online Master of Social Work Program is ranked #1 in California and 9th in the nation by

The Pathway, Distance Education Program at CSUSB School of Social Work provides accredited professional education for students who are unable to attend the main campus, in San Bernardino.  Such students may:

Live too far away from a university offering four-year degrees and graduate education.


Be in a work or personal situation that makes attendance at CSUSB impractical

Please note, CSUSB School of Social Work offers a three-year, on-campus, evening, M.S.W. degree for working students. If your onlyreason for wanting to attend the Pathway M.S.W. Program is that it would be more convenient for you, you will probably be assessed as ineligible for the Pathway M.S.W. Program.

The Pathway Distance Education Program facilitates a professional pathway for such students, offering:

  • BASW – This is a hybrid program, mixing online and on-campus courses, which can be completed in three years.  
  • MSW – This is a fully online MSW program, which can be completed in three years. 
  • Title IV-E Stipend – Like our on-campus programs, the Pathway Distance Education Program offers a Title IV-E stipend for employees of county and tribal children’s services agencies.

Pathway Distance Education, Information Video
Pathway Distance Education Program Flier

Students who live outside the USA:
Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer the program internationally. We are still building and improving our curriculum as well as developing our support services. At this time, we do not have the capacity to serve students who live outside of the USA. Our aim is to be able to offer the program internationally in the future and we are working towards that goal. So please check our web site every so often to stay in touch with our progress on this.

A mandatory 3-day orientation is held at the CSUSB main campus each summer while students are enrolled in the MSW Pathway Distance Education Program.

Students interested in the Pathway Distance Education Program should send an email message to You will receive a response within 48 hours.