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Dr. Ed Collom, Chair of Sociology, presented our student awards at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences’ 21st Annual Honors and Awards Ceremony on June 5.  Congratulations to Alissa Kowlaksi (not pictured) for earning the Highest Sociology GPA Award, to Karen Watkins for the Outstanding Service Award, and to Maria Acevedo, the 2017 Dr. Dominic Bulgarella Scholarship recipient. 

While students see us mostly in the classroom, did you know that our department is home to world-class scholars as well?  Professor Dale Lund has had an extremely productive career, publishing over 100 journal articles and book chapters.  According to Google Scholar, the most frequently cited publications (a common measure of impact) by CSUSB sociologists are: Dr. Dale Lund’s 1987 Gerontologist article "Caregivers to Dementia Patients," Dr. Zeng-yin Chen’s 2001 Journal of Marriage and Family article "Intergenerational Transmission of Constructive Parenting," and Dr. Ed Collom’s 2005 Education and Urban Society article "The Ins and Outs of Homeschooling."

Sociology at CSUSB was well-represented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Pacific Sociological Association in Portland, OR in April, 2017.  Presenters included: Drs. Ed Collom, Marcia Marx, Karen Robinson, Mary Texeira, and Elsa Valdez. 

José Muñoz was awarded RWJF's New Connections Publication Support Reimbursement Award for his co-authored work with José Collazo. The award will support their paper titled "Promoting Health from Outside the State: La Comunidad, Migrants, and Hometown Associations."

Geraldine Fike, Dawn Blue, Guillermo Escalante, Yeon Kim, and José Muñoz were awarded $52,000 from CSUSB’s Vital and Enhanced Technologies Initiative. 
The project is titled “Simulation as a Multidisciplinary Team Approach in Health Care Programs in an Urban University Setting."

José Muñoz will participate in the RWJF's New Connections Program Scholar Writing Retreat this summer in Denver.

José Muñoz was awarded funds from CSUSB's Student Success Initiative Committee (2017-2018). The funds will support his professional development program which will serve undergraduate and graduate students.

José Muñoz was accepted for the New Connections Tenth Annual Research and Coaching Clinic. José was invited to receive guidance on his R15 NIH grant application.

Annika Anderson was awarded a $71,421 grant from The Opportunity Institute to launch a campus-based reentry program.

James Fenelon published Redskins? Sports Mascots, Indian Nations and White Racism, (foreword Joe R. Feagin), New York, NY: Routledge in 2016.