From left to right: R. Keating, T. Pytell, K. Liszka, R. Samuelson, P. Santoni, T. Jones, D. Yaghoubian, T. Long, C. Lyon, M. Robinson, Y. Saavedra, I. Huacuja Alonso (Not in Picture: J. Murray)

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BARKAN, Elliott R. (PhD, Harvard, 1969; prof. emeritus) US, ethnic, immigration, ebarkan@csusb.edu 

BLACKEY, Robert A. (PhD, NYU, 1968; prof. emeritus) Britain, early modern Europe, revolutions, rblackey@csusb.edu 

FIELDS, Lanny B. (PhD, Indiana, 1972; prof. emeritus) China and Japan, Asia, Russia  

HANSON, Joyce A. (PhD, Connecticut, 1997; prof. emeritus) US, African American, women, jahanson@csusb.edu 

MCAFEE, Ward M. (PhD, Stanford, 1965; prof. emeritus) US, world religious, historiography, wmcafee@csusb.edu 

PERSELL, S. Michael (PhD, Stanford, 1969; prof. emeritus) modern Europe, France, North Africa  

PFAU, John M., (PhD, Chicago, 1951, prof. emeritus), President of the College, US history

RIGGS, Cheryl (PhD, California, Santa Barbara, 1989; prof. emeritus) medieval Europe, Greece, Rome, criggs@csusb.edu 

ROBERTS, Robert R. (PhD, Chicago, 1952, prof. emeritus) Chairmain of Division of Social Sciences, US history

SCHOFIELD, Kent M. (PhD, California, Riverside, 1966; prof. emeritus) US, family, military

SMITH, Robert A., (PhD, Illinois, 1950, prof emeritus)  US history


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