Back row, left to right: R. Keating, J. Murray, T. Long, P. Santoni, R. Samuelson, R. Blackey, T. Pytell, Y. Saavedra, I. Huacuja Alonso Front Row: P. Crosson, T. Jones, C. Riggs, D. Yaghoubian, K. Liszka (Not in Picture: C. Lyon)

Robert Blackey
Professor Emeritus
Phone: (909) 537-5550
Room: FOB-224
English History, Early modern European History, Comparative revolutions, History Teaching and Learning, 17th-Century Dutch Art as Social History

Pamela Crosson
Admin Support Coordinator, History 
Admin Support Coordinator, Social Science MA
Phone: (909) 537-5524
Room: SB 327

Isabel Huacuja Alonso
Assistant Professor
Phone: (909) 537-4326
Room: SB-355A
Modern and early modern South Asia, nationalism and transnationalism, Sound Studies, history of media and communication, South Asian cinemas, & Hindi and Urdu literatures

Tiffany F. Jones
Department Chair 
Phone: (909) 537-3792
Room: SB 357A
African history, African studies, South Africa, African diaspora studies, medical history, history of madness, colonization, globalization, and third-world development

Ryan Keating
Associate Professor
Phone: 909-537-3917
Room: SB-341

Kate Liszka
Assistant Professor
Phone: 909-537-5437
Room: SB-357E
Benson and Pamela Harer Fellow in Egyptology

Thomas Long
Phone: (909) 537-3791
Room: SB 327F

Cherstin M. Lyon
Phone: (909) 537-3836
Room: SB 335
20th Century U.S., Public and Oral History, Immigration, Ethnic American History, Citizenship and Law, Asian American and Pacific Island History

Jeremy A. Murray
Associate Professor
Phone: (909) 537-5540
Room: SB-357D

Timothy Pytell
Phone: (909) 537-3789
Room: SB-337
Modern European History, Holocaust, Genocide, and World History

Cheryl A. Riggs
Professor Emeritus
Phone: (909) 537-5528
Room: SB 337
History of Early and Medieval Christianity Medieval Intellectual History

Yvette Saavedra
Assistant Professor
Phone: (909) 537-4325
Room: SB-333

Richard Samuelson
Associate Professor
Phone: (909) 537-7508
Room: SB 355B

Pedro M. Santoni
Phone: (909) 537-5530
Room: SB 355
Latin America, Modern Mexico, U.S.-Mexican War, 19th century Mexican political, cultural & military history

David Yaghoubian
Phone: (909) 537-3790
Room: SB 331
Modern Iran, national identity, minorities in the Middle East


BARKAN, Elliott R. (PhD, Harvard, 1969; prof. emeritus) US, ethnic, immigration, 

BLACKEY, Robert A. (PhD, NYU, 1968; prof. emeritus) Britain, early modern Europe, revolutions, 

FIELDS, Lanny B. (PhD, Indiana, 1972; prof. emeritus) China and Japan, Asia, Russia  

HANSON, Joyce A. (PhD, Connecticut, 1997; prof. emeritus) US, African American, women, 

MCAFEE, Ward M. (PhD, Stanford, 1965; prof. emeritus) US, world religious, historiography, 

PERSELL, S. Michael (PhD, Stanford, 1969; prof. emeritus) modern Europe, France, North Africa  

RIGGS, Cheryl (PhD, California, Santa Barbara, 1989; prof. emeritus) medieval Europe, Greece, Rome, 

SCHOFIELD, Kent M. (PhD, California, Riverside, 1966; prof. emeritus) US, family, military


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